Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Mom and I have been talking about the possibility of Mike and I adopting from the foster care system. The young boys are currently in state care but not legally free. At this point there is a small chance the boys would become available for adoption in less than three years. We are praying for less than two years so the children do not linger in limbo. They deserve safety, stability, discipline, love and a chance to enjoy their childhood.

I have been daydreaming about the possible life the boys could have with us as parents. One child is more quite and inquisitive the other child a high speed spitfire. I imagine the quiet one and myself exploring the world in our backyard or through books while Mike takes the other son backpacking through the Olympics or working on various projects together. We both would supplement their school learning with visits to museums, science experiments in the basement or making our own art. Mike is currently working on making a prototype suit of armour in aluminum and wants to make another suit in steel.

For now we have to go through the foster/adoptive parent DSHS classes then have patience to find out how the court decides the fate the boys. I will spend the next several months praying for the well being of the boys regardless of them ever becoming mine.

Prayer and daydreams - sometimes that is what gets us through the wait.