Thursday, November 4, 2010


Now that we have submitted our paperwork to Jamaica and USCIS, we are working through the DSHS parenting and first aid classes. After the first weekend of classes, my husband is wondering if we should stop the international adoption and continue to pursue adoption from foster care. This journey continues to reveal new insights about each of us. It is a mystery from where our children will come, the ages of our children, their race and the background.

With the stresses of work the past three weeks, I think about work-life balance and how I will or will not be able to handle home stress and work stress simultaneously. Counseling and finding relaxing outlets are not helping. I know work crises are not common, but they will occur. At times a work crisis will occur with a family crisis and I will need to deal with both then probably take a week long vacation after the crises are resolved.

During this adoption process and the work crises, there are days, like today, where surviving barely seems possible. Hiding under my desk at work seems to be as productive as I can be. I know there will be days that I feel like hiding after a difficult day at work and I will have to go home and give my children attention. I pray I have enough strength and grace to deal with life as trials occur.

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